• “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

    ~ Nelson Mandela
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Food Template along with Tjaart Walraven has partnered with Delicious Education to create integrated educational workbooks that use health eating as a theme. These books are designed to apply the skills that they learn at school: numeracy, literacy and life skills – and work out budgets for catering, planning, understanding food groups, learning cooking methods, hygiene and food safety.

Recipes have been designed for Delicious Education to accommodate the learners age group and dexterity, and create exciting interactions that teach these kids to feed themselves and develop a passion for food. There is a section dedicated to growing their own vegetables, how to: harvest the seeds, plant seedling and to grow to produce vegetables.

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Delicious Education, with Food Template has also designed an HIV nutrition book that focuses on the reality of nutrition and the immune system. The recipe books explores many recipes, with photography using nature’s super foods and correct cooking methods to maintain maximum vitamin and mineral retention, how to cope when you cannot eat, food safety and shares ideas to plant your own vegetables.

Delicious Education also caters for international touring groups, facilitating cultural and nutrition exchanges.


Delicous Education has developed a adult learning HIV and nutrition recipe book and is in the development stage of the DIABETES version.