Phase 3


Implementation of Development Plan (Dependable on business model)
The decided upon plan is created for a management review
The first trial tested and evaluated for further development if necessary
The second management review is produced from further changes in the first trial

Submission of Development Plan and Sign Off
A final strategy report is submitted for the implementation at ground level
A long with a blue print copy that will be used for training.

Staff Training and Training of Development Plan
Management trains all staff over a period of selected days to keep business operations existing if required.

Launching of Development Plan
Once all training is approved and stock management (where necessary) is brought on line or activation concept is created, the space is then geared for the roll out.

Managing of Development Plan
The roll out is managed daily, indicated by the implementation plan.

Assessment 1 of Development Plan
Reporting of business and consumer experience is complied and submitted.

Assessment 2 of Development Plan
Reporting of an experience well after implementation and launch is submitted (dependable on business)

Business development evaluation and assessment reporting
This is a critical report for management to further manage and operate the launch and continue to grow sales.